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Introducing our new 100% plastic free battery packaging!

Introducing our new 100% plastic free battery packaging!

Introducing our new 100% plastic free battery packaging!

Packaging is an unavoidable part of everyday life. It protects our products, preserves them, enhances them, displays important information & allows for safe transportation.  But the truth is that packaging is often viewed as waste.

So we’ve decided to make a change in our approach to packaging & be more accountable for our waste & the knock-on effect it has in the environment. We are making the following actions:

- We are making a conscious effort to reduce plastic in our packaging.

- We will try to use as much recycled material as possible when choosing what to use for our packaging.

- We have & will continue to use natural ink where possible.

- When using virgin material wood we are making an effort to ensure that the material is sourced in the most environmentally friendly way.


We have spent several months on this project making sure that we sourced sustainable materials whilst keeping the design looking sleek and high-end.


As you can see, our new packaging is much more space efficient. For every 6 pieces of the old packaging, 12 can now be displayed!

Not only is it using less space on shelves but also when shipped, ergo lower emissions!


We have also switched to soy ink for our new battery packaging. 

What’s so great about soy-based ink?
Soy-based inks have a smaller environmental impact than traditional, petroleum-based inks. Soy ink also produces much more lively & intense colours than other types of ink!

How much of an impact does ink have on the
sustainability of packaging?

On printed packaging, ink typically makes up approximately 1-3% of the total weight but ink manufacturing is complex and can have negative implications on the environment.


We have taken full advantage of all the space available in our new packaging and included some of our TOP TIPS on how to extend the life of a Li-Ion battery.

On all batteries that are compatible with our ProCube chargers, we have included images and our web address to direct the end-user there.


Let’s make an impact and protect our world


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